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FREE! 'President Trump & Our Post-Secular Future' Gives You an In-Depth Look at How the Trump Presidency is Awakening a New Conservative Age...Today!
FREE! 'President Trump & Our Post-Secular Future' Gives You an In-Depth Look at How the Trump Presidency is Awakening a New Conservative Age...Today!
President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future
President Trump and Our Post-Secular Future
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President Trump & Our Post-Secular Future
90+ 5-Star Reviews
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In This Book, You'll Discover...
  • The significance of one of the most politically incorrect men on the planet being elected president of the U.S....
  • The difference between secular and post-secular
  • The worldwide clash between secular and post-secular
  • A representative sampling of the various aspects constitutive of an emerging post-secular society
  • ​How our traditions, immigration and moral climate point to a rising conservative age
  • ​Trump, Education, and the “War on Science”
  • ​And much, much more!
Our Post-Secular Future Explored by Dr. Stephen R. Turley
For a vast number of Americans, political correctness simply no longer carries the weight it used to. Think about it: We’ve heard over and over again that a Republican simply couldn’t be elected president without adopting some form of immigration reform and amnesty, that is, without some recourse to political correctness: Yet, here we had a GOP candidate spouting what many considered the most anti-immigration rhetoric we’ve heard in recent years, one that included an all-out ban on Muslims… and he won!
In this book, learn why the 45th President of the United States, President Donald J Trump, represents far more than a victory over Hilary Clinton. Rather, his landslide victory and still rising following points to a rising conservative age of nationalism, post-secularism, and a return to Christian values.
- Dr. Steve Turley

What People Are Saying

Joseph Moses | Amazon Verified Purchase

Fantastic Analysis of the Trump Revolution - This book provides the proper context for the Trump victory in 2016. It wasn’t a “white lash” as CNNs Van Jones decried. It’s because people are tired of the lies told by the globalist and oligarchs running the world order! A return to religious values is what is happening, while at the same time a rejection of the secular homosexual anti-God anti-reality anti-science that secularism brings.

Piotr O. | Amazon Verified Purchase

Encouragement to the Battled Heart and Soul - With the raging battle for the hearts and minds between the forces of light and darkness, moral values and depravity this book brings hope to those who feel overwhelmed be the constant assault of secularism indifference, cultural Marxism, consumerism and main stream media propaganda. It emphasizes POSITIVE message to tired souls and quenches thirsty hearts. God Bless Dr. Turley for this fantastic work.

"Random Task" | U.K. | Amazon Verified Purchase

This book gives you the toolkit to understand and predict the modern push back against secular liberalism. - Most analysts can't prove a commentary on Trump worth reading because they 1) Never predicted his successes (any of them), 2) Can't predict what he will do next, and 3) Can't explain why these things are happening. But Turley is different from the vast majority of analysts in that he can explain the conservative, Christian and national themes that are driving so much of what we see with not only Trump, but Brexit and the rise of Christian conservative and nationalist governments in E.Europe as being very much part of the same new global trends.

If you want to have a toolkit that explains why all these things happen, and how Trump is the foremost example of this read this book. For a fairly short amount of time invested your come away with the ability to understand and predict the trends that made Trump President and continue to have powerful ramifications throughout the modern Christian world.

Denny Martin | Amazon Verified Purchase

Thought provoking - In a world filled with negative and deceptive “news,” this concise analysis of Trump and world trends fleeing from the bankruptcy of secularism is a welcome relief. Very encouraging!

 Chuck S. | Amazon Verified Purchase

Fan of Dr. Turley - I'm a big fan of Dr. Turley's YouTube videos. This book is extremely well-written and easy to read. I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing in one sitting.

 SimonJJ | U.K. | Amazon Verified Purchase

Why Trump Won. - This book gives a brief insight into the reasons why Donald Trump won the US election seemingly against all odds. What does Trumps victory mean for the US and how it has changed the perceptions of so many people. This book predicts a bright future for those who hold their culture and country dear.

 J. R. Edwards | U.K. | Amazon Verified Purchase

The words of a modest genius. - Good old Dr Steve Turley. I'm right with you waiting for the faith renaissance...it's the only thing that will correct the mess we're in.

 Sean Bennetts | Australia | Amazon Verified Purchase

A wonderful open letter to globalists. - This book is a well-thought-out and academically pointed book about the downfall of the globalist vision for the world and how Nationalist, Populist and Traditionalist views around the world are finally having a blowback effect on the political and government establishment that have been slowly destroying our nation states and the world.
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